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So, you want to know the difference between Sushi and Sashimi ?
SUSHI is vinegared rice garnished with various raw (or cooked) seafoods, fish, or non-seafood items. It is sometimes wrapped in seaweed. By the way, Sushi becomes Zushi when suffixed to other words (e.g. ebi-zushi, nori-maki-zushi).

The two popular types of Sushi are: Nigiri-zushi (hand-formed sushi) and Maki-zushi (rolled sushi).The word Sushi is often confused with the word Sashimi, but they are slightly different.

SASHIMI is raw fish that has been cut into various shapes. It is then dipped in tamari (or soy sauce) and wasabi (a condiment made with Japanese green horseradish) and eaten.

Although Sushi and Sashimi are traditional foods that have been around for over a thousand years in Japan, modern and geographic variations (e.g. California roll) are becoming very popular.
You can't read or speak Japanese, so how do you know exactly what you're eating ?
Here are the Japanese names of popular Sushi and Sashimi, and their English equivalents:
Oh Toro Maguro = Fatty Tuna lll Chu Toro Maguro = Semi-Fatty Tuna lll Akami Maguro = Red Tuna
Ahi = Yellowfin Tuna lll Bincho Maguro = White Tuna lll Hamachi = Yellow Tail lll
Aji = Horse Mackerel lll Shima-Aji = Yellow Jack
Kohada = Gizzard Shad lll Suzuki = Striped Bass lll Hirame = Flounder lll Iwashi = Sardine
Hotategai = Scallop lll Mirugai = Geoduck Clam lll Akagai = Ark Shell lll Torigai = Cockle
Aoyagi = Trough Shell lll Awabi = Abalone lll Tako = Octopus lll Ika = Squid
Unagi = Freshwater Eel lll Anago = Saltwater Eel
Kazunoko = Herring Roe lll Ikura = Salmon Roe lll Tobiko = Flying Fish Roe lll Uni = Sea Urchin
Masago = Capelin Roe lll Ebi = Shrimp lll Kani = Snow Crab
Lobster Sushi
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